16_Mai_Burggasse_Kux_13  Production Workshop

a) Objectives of the project phase

  • Script-based realization of a piece (2 scenes) in the art form chosen at the beginning of the project.
  • Make theater education and drama relevant for the students in practice.
  • Gain some basic knowledge in perspective, camera, directing and production (editing, sound, etc.).
  • Improve existing know-how and literacy in various fields (e.g. digital skills, language skills)
  • Improve competence regarding social interaction: discussion, critique ability, decision making, conflict ability, cooperation, joy of experimentation etc.

b) Summary

Still under the guidance of professionals, in production workshops the project groups then realize the 3-5-minute short films, plays, or radio plays. The production workshop covers only two units (100 minutes), and therefore builds on the solid output of the previous writing workshop, where the pieces had been rehearsed in the last unit. In the areas of film and radio play production, one of the two production units can thus be dedicated to final production (editing, mastering, rendering …), while only the first unit is used for filming or sound recording. On the mobile phone (smartphone), the pupils themselves film their activity. In the theater workshop, on the other hand, both units are dedicated to the work on the acting performance.

c) Participants in the phase

Pupils, teachers, workshop trainers, photographer

 d) Temporal and spatial organization of the phase

Time frame: 2 units (total of 100 minutes)

The short films, theaters and audio dramas are produced in immediate connection with the writing workshop, if possible in the same premises.

 e) Researched based project work – the production workshop

Reading socialization, reading motivation, reading self concept, (digital) media usage

 f) Evaluation based project work – the production workshop

e.g. the evaluation of the time frame of the phase



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