NEUNEU  Research & Book Selection 

a) Objectives of the project phase

  • Formation of small scale project groups (4-5 participants / group)
  • Research and selection of the project book by each of the project groups
  • Definition of an art form (film, theatre, audio drama) by each project group
  • Exploring the functionality of the library as an institution of reading socialization
  • Strengthening the role of digital media in the context of reading socialization (e.g. research)
  • Expertise: to become autonomous users of the library , digital research skills
  • Experience in social interaction and team building: discussion, decision making, conflict resolution

b) Summary

Like other project phases, research and book selection combines a fixed part of the program with freely configurable elements. Facing a longer time frame in working with the medium of books, many students welcomed a 45 minutes of listening to selected book dialogues as a warm up. With some exciting literature scenes, the class gets attuned to the work with books and already develops some ideas about a genre or even a specific book to use in the project group. Reading in front of the class is a good occasion to discuss one or the other open project question – before the project really starts.

The City Library of Vienna has already been won over to the pilot project as a strong partner. We share the common goal of strengthening the library’s role in both – the improvement of the reading socialization of young people and the training of their (digital) research skills. In addition to an orientation event, during which all students receive library ID-cards, and the deepening of the library’s online research platform in school lessons, a second visit to the library at the end of the phase is recommended. The students may have a little more time to complete their book selection in the group and they can already experience themselves as skilled – familiar with the research – users of the institution. If there is an internal school library we recommend to include its visit in the schedule of this phase.

c) Participants

Pupils, teachers, librarians, photographers, mu.KU:wi project management

d) Temporal and spatial organization of the phase

The phase “Research & Selection” takes on a duration of about 3-4 weeks in the project.

  1. Project meeting (in the class / school), duration: approx. 1/2 – 1 lesson
  2. (optional) Reading aloud lesson (in class / school), duration: 1 lesson
  3. Guided tour (incl. short introduction to the library’s online research platform) in the library, duration: approx. 60 minutes (excluding arrival and departure)
  4. Repeating and strengthening “Digital research skills” (in class / school), duration: 1 lesson
  5. (optional) Exploring the school’s internal library (in class), duration: 1 lesson
  6. (recommended): Unguided, final research unit at the public library (in class), duration: approx. 60 minutes (excluding arrival and departure)

e) Fields of scientific research

Reading socialization, reading motivation, reading self concept, (digital) media usage

f) Evaluation

e.g. the evaluation of the time frame of the phase

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