Lesung_8_3_17_Polytechnische_Burggasse  Reading

a) Objectives of the project phase 

  • Reading the project novel
  • Preparation on the writing workshop (homework, work tasks)
  • Expertise: Literacy, (optional) digital literacy (e.g., social media reading circles)
  • Experience in dealing with the reading process: self-confidence, self-observation, self-discipline
  • (optional) Experience in social interaction: (digital) reading circle

b) Summary

After the pupil’s formation of project groups, the selection of their books and organisation of all book copies (from other local library branches), participants individually read their novels, or, may gather in (digital) reading circles. In order to support a continuous reading process and to prepare for the subsequent writing workshop, work tasks (homework) accompany the reading process. During the approx. six weeks of reading about 3-4 work tasks are recommended, which are collected in each student’s project folder. The trainers of the writing workshops should – in consultation with the teacher – be free to design the final task. These homework also serves as an initial basis for discussion in the workshops. Therefore, the project booklets are collected one week before the writing workshop starts and are handed over to the workshop trainers.

c) Participants

Pupils and teachers

d) Temporal and spatial organization of the phase

Approx. 5-6 weeks

Reading at home alone or in a (digitally supported) reading circle.

e) Scientific research

Reading motivation, self-reading concept, (digital) media usage, etc.

 f) Field of evaluation

  e.g. the evaluation of the time frame of the phase


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