Photoshoped_B_cherei_PTS  Presentation

a) Objectives of the project phase 

  • The project groups present their work in a joint closing event
  • Development of the expertise: Presentation
  • Interpersonal/Social skills: Team ability, discussion, critique ability, appreciation, acknowledgment, empathy, perception, self-discipline

b) Summary

In the final phase of “To be continued …” it is said, “Clear the stage!”. The results of the work from previous weeks are now presented to the audience. The project groups, pupils, trainers and teachers now have the opportunity to exchange all their experiences made, regarding the project’s time frame, decision making processes, group dynamics, division of labor, genre, art form and so on… The presentations take place being part of a regular class lesson. With a maximum of five project groups / class, each group may have five minutes to present their work and about the same amount of time for immediate discussion. At the end of the performances, the project will be dissolved.

c) Participants

All project participants

 d) Temporal and spatial organization of the phase

The final performances should take place during a regular lesson. With a maximum of 5 groups, each project group will have about 3-5 minutes for their performance + just as much time for discussion.

e) Scientific research

This phase does not participate in the field of scientific research

f) Evaluation

e.g. the evaluation of the time frame of the phase

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