Evaluation of the general and specific contentment of first grade students NMS with individual phases and results of “To be continued …”.

At the end of the project, a questionnaire, was being handed out to the children. It included, on the one side, a brief evaluation of the children’s contentment with the workflow and the literature. Further, it asked some questions that refered to the field of  “follow-up communication” (see scientific support). Here are some of the results from a NMS 1sr grade – the kids were from 10 to 12 years old. (Note: Another 1st grade did not complete the questionnaire without giving a reason, the results of the 4th grade were neglected due to a non-representative book selection phase).

1. “I liked the storyline…”

While almost two-thirds of the children stated that they “very much liked” the plot of their novel, another one-third selected the option “rather well”.

None of the children – that is probably the most gratifying and somewhat surprising value – stated that he  or she had “not liked the novel at all”.




2. “I liked the work in the small scale group…”

Largely in analogy to the positive rating of the novel by the kids, the work in the small project group was rated very positively. Once again, none of the children stated that he or she had “not liked the work in the project group at all”.



3. “I liked the visit in the library…”

The joint visit to the library, where many children received a personal library card for the first time, is also rated positively.




4) “Reading the novel, I liked…”

The reading process itself is less considered with the response category “very much”. However, the overall popularity of the process is remarkable and exceeds the values for “prescribed” literature by far. Although the values shift significantly from “very well liked” to “rather well liked” – the two categories together remain comparatively constant. Whether the perspective on the reading process depends on the satisfaction with the storyline of the book remains unanswered – but seems obvious at first.


5) “The result of our work, I liked…”

The children rate the results of their work – these are presentations in the form of theater scenes and radio plays – every positive …

(I am happy about this – thanks again to Rosemarie, Birte, Clara and Alexander for their amazing work with the children)



6) “Overall, I liked the project, “to be continued”…”

…which applies in a slightly different form – but nevertheless – also for the evaluation of the project “To be continued …” as a whole.



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