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Founded in December ’16, mu.KU:wi developed its project “To be continued…” with its Viennese partners (librarians, teachers, artists…) since spring ’17.
Our objective is to connect pupils with the incredible and powerful source of creativity, joy and knowledge contained in children and youth literature. Further we aim to raise awareness for the work of institutions (e.g.libraries) in the district of the school and to strengthen the children’s (digital) user abilities in these places of knowledge.
With classes divided in small project groups, each of them researches and explores its own novel to work with. Through participation and decision-making, pupils themselves take the lead in the work-flow. In the course of the project, they learn how to develop a common perspective on the material and how to transform their impressions into scripts, and later into short theater, film or audio book scenes. But beware – no spoilers! As the journey shall continue where it began: in the book itself.
Partners and sponsors of “To be continued…” winter semester ’17/18:

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Partners and sponsors of “To be continued…” summer semester ’17:


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