Objectives of “To be continued…”

  1. Objectives at project-content level
  2. Objectives of scientific research
  3. Objectives of the ongoing evaluation of processes and results

1) Objectives at project-content level are divided into:

  • Objectives at the level of the production process (reading the project novel, developing the script, producing a short film, theater or radio play, performance)
  • Objectives at the level of competence development (self-employment in the use of the online catalog of the library, practical knowledge in the areas of drama, editing, sound engineering, etc.)
  • Objectives at the level of social interaction (shared decision-making, division of labor, ability to deal with conflicts etc.)

Due to the variety of their objectives, the project objectives are listed in the description of the project phases – click on the respective project phase in the sidebar (start page).


2) The scientific research of “To be continued …”

… corresponds to the mission statement of the cultural association mu.KU: wi. Scientific computing and research in the context of cultural projects offer the chance of locating our activities in the scientific state of things and beyond the everyday dish.

It is important to us, to take into account existing findings in the world of social science and to apply or develop them in the perspectives, discourses, social practices and definition of objectives of our project work.

We deal with the following two fields of research:

  • reading socialization (Reading motivation, reading behavior & reading self concept)
  • Media usage & media literacy


3) The ongoing evaluation of processes and results

In order to be able to coordinate the individual program items as closely as possible to the needs of different types of schools, curricula and resources, we develop modules for each phase of the project, which should ensure rapid access to the project – without a long lead time.

Evaluation focus in the summer term ’17:

  • Temporal and spatial conception of the project phases


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