Photo gallery P4/SS2017

Polytechnic school “Im Zentrum” (1070 Vienna)

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Lesung_8_3_17_Polytechnische_Burggasse March ’17: Relaxing warm up – reading at P4 with…

Lesung_8_3_17_Polytechnische_Burggasse ..Stefanie Schulmeister, Alexander, Faez und Eric.

Hauptbücherei_2 The next day on our way to the main library at…

NEUNEU …Burggasse/Urban-Loritz-Square where Andreas Wimmer explains….

NEUNEUNEU ..the history of the library and its functionality for the community..

Photoshoped_B_cherei_PTS the children. The kids enjoyed his entertaining style 🙂

Lesung_8_3_17_Polytechnische_Burggasse Mid-March until die end of April: Reading (shush…..)

16_Mai_Burggasse_Kux_1 Beginning of Mai ’17: We start with the writing workshop.

 .. Rosemarie Poiarkov’s and Birte Brudermann’s group have decided to…

16_Mai_Burggasse_Kux_2 ..merge Greg’s diary II and III in one project group.

16_Mai_Burggasse_Kux_3 A bright school library is a enjoyable work space.

16_Mai_Burggasse_Kux_13  Alexander Melach’s group moved to the IT-room..

16_Mai_Burggasse_Kux_15 ..and have decided to use one of the computers to write their scripts.

16_Mai_Burggasse_Kux_7  In the meantime Yvonne Zahn’s group  works in the auditorium on..

Photoshoped_SWST2_PTS  ..„Ich habe schon über 500 Freunde“ by Armin Kasler.

Photoshoped_SWST_PTS  Absorbed by theatre work.

________________________Fotos von Maria Kux____________________

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