Fragments from Literacy Autobiographies*

Workshops with apprentices

“My father asked us to read more in our free time. But he didn’t really care, even though it was important to him. “

„I started reading in kindergarten. As a young child, I was forbidden to access TV or computer. Instead, I was sent to the library. I read Thomas Brezina, stories of princesses and other children’s books and also of people with a darker past. ”

“When I was 4, I went to kindergarten. I got to know the alphabet there and our teacher read us books. ”

„I didn’t grow up reading books. My parents didn’t read and I wasn’t interested in books either. After I finished high school, I started reading and wrote my own short stories. I was good at that. “

“In every free minute – if I had nothing else to do – I could go to the library and read my books there relaxed. But even after school ands at home, I enjoyed reading a little before going to sleep. Depending on how the book was. At a certain age, at around 13 or 14 years, that stopped and I became less and less interested in books and stories, went to the library less often, if at all. ”

“I love reading novels. My girlfriend gave me a novel and I finished reading it. I liked it a lot, it was a lot about love. “

„My mom bought me Harry Potter books and I read them all. In the 3rd and 4th grade secondary school we had to read books at school. I also had a lot of fun. When I was 13 and 14 I read a lot of books, mostly crime and other novels. ”

„Personally, I never really read a lot, only at school, if I had to, so I didn’t get a bad grade.“

“I didn’t go to school in my country because I had no way to go to school when I was little. I was in the mosque and read the Quran. ”

“I read Greek mythology a lot, at school, at home, in the library and felt comfortable and free. My teacher often borrowed her personal books to me and I also talked to her about what I had read. I chose these books myself because I liked the topic. ”

“At school we were often given the task of giving a presentation on a book that we were given to by the teacher. Mostly these were books that hardly interested me or my classmates. We also often went to the school library. The books there bored me mostly and I found it much more interesting and exciting to browse the Guinness book of records. ”

“Over time I started reading novels and even presented a book at the final exam. Now I sometimes read in German, but it is still easier for me to read in Russian. ”

„We had a reading night once, but the teacher went according to her wishes and read us something that she found exciting, but did not appeal to us at all. And so most of the students fell asleep out of boredom. ”

„Today I am 20 and exclusively read on the Internet – that is, cell phones – or I prefer to watch films.“

“Of all the books I’ve read so far, I’ve only liked one book. That was about football. I have learned so much about football and I am really well informed now. ”

“When I was in elementary school, there was no difference. I could hardly speak German and when I learned very slowly, I was finally able to understand more and speak for myself. Many have said that my accent is normal. However, my grammar was a disaster.“

“My knowledge of German was not very good, but my teacher wanted a presentation. Then I found a summary on the Internet. “

“I am currently reading books in Korean or English. It’s good to have books so that you don’t forget the language and you can learn from them. ”

“In middle school I often had to borrow books and give lectures from the library. I started reading these books, but unfortunately I didn’t finish reading them. That’s how I got bad grades. Since the books had too many pages, I didn’t want to read them and they weren’t interesting either. I hope that changes and I will read more. “

„I think the reason why I didn’t deal with books is firstly due to compulsion, secondly because they were books that didn’t appeal to me, and thirdly I didn’t take the time to sit down and just read and understand.“

„What I can say is that my parents taught me my mother tongue when I was little. I can speak, write and read Serbian. But unfortunately I don’t know the Serbian (cyrillic) alphabet. When I was three, I taught myself the German language. With the help of the teacher, of course. Just like reading. “


  • Orthography and syntax have been largely corrected in order to emphasize on the content and meaning.

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