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Literacy Autobiography
Mu.KU: wi has been offering the literacy autobiography workshop since spring 2019. In several stages, the participants approach the writing of their own literacy biography.

In the run-up to the writing process, the knowledge of reading socialization research is about making reading tangible as a multi-layered process of relationships that is neither one-sided on the dimension of family socialization, nor on the institution of the school.

The aim of the workshop is to strengthen the participants‘ sense of independence with regards to reading and thus to promote confidence in their own abilities. During the workshops, the participants should be able to develop unusual perspectives on reading. Here, dealing with (negative) reading experiences – e.g. caused in the process of migration/integration as a lack of language skills – is just as central as addressing the individual character of any reading process.

Phase 1) Texts and types of text. What is a „text fit“ and does it actually happen in the process of reading?

Along a playful approach with different types of text, we approach the concept of text fit. Using a short selection process, we agree on two types of text that we consider “suitable” and summarize it in a first exercise. After it became evident, that the summaries of the individual participants are somehow similar but on the other side very different, we try to find answers to this phenomenon…

Afterwards, the participants talk about their previous experiences. Along the question: What was it like for you when a text did not fit at all / did fit really well? How did this situation come about, and which strategies did you choose in this situation or what happened to you while reading? We connect to other essential dimensions of the reading process: reading fluid, types of motivation, imagination …

Phase 2) Type of text „Literacy autobiography“ – Prepare for writing your literacy autobiography.

In the second unit we read from a selection of literacy autobiographies. This is followed by a discussion in which the participants also tell about their reading history and thus refresh their memory. The second part of this unit is devoted to preparing the writing process for your autobiography. Ten different areas are reflected, which take into account in particular the aspects of a migrant literacy autobiography (reading as a multilingual diversity…).

Phase 3) The Writing-Off the literacy autobiography.

In the third unit, the participants write their literacy autobiography on an individual scale. In the end of our session, each individual participant decides on a voluntary basis to let others participate in his / her autobiographical presentation.


Duration: at least 3 x 50 minutes

Price: by agreement

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